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Best Raw Cat Food With Benefits And Side-effects

Looking for a complete and balanced raw cat food for your cats? Here, we have the most beneficial and nutrient-packed raw cat food suggestions for your furball.

It is easy to forget that our cute little furball is a predator that needs a predatory diet including meats of different animals. Cat’s are the descendant of wild cats that lived in the wild. These cats depended on raw meat, and therefore incorporating raw meat into your cat’s diet is an ideal choice to adapt to their predatory instincts.

Your little cutie cat is a born hunter, and you as a cat parent must address their hunting insights, but occasionally feed them one of the best raw cat food.

If you are finding it hard to choose from so many raw cat food options in the market, then head down for the best raw cat food suggestions for your cat.

At the end of this article, we are providing you with some basic information related to cat food and answering some of the FAQs. 

Brace yourself with comprehensive information on “Raw cat Food”, and become a pro at choosing the best raw cat food for your cat.

What is the Raw Cat Food diet?

Raw cat food diet is usually the cat diet that includes raw muscle meat, ground bones, and raw organ meat. The most common raw meat included in raw cat food is chicken, fish, and eggs, however other kinds of meat may also be included in it.

A raw cat food meal is created to resemble the ideal diet of a wild cat, but in some cases, this raw cat food may not be appropriate for your domestic cat.

Now, that we know what exactly a raw cat food diet is, let’s head down to know about the top 7 raw cat food options available in the market.

Benefits of best raw cat food

  1. More natural than dry or wet food:

No one can deny the fact that raw food is much more natural for cats to consume. Looking at the teeth of a cat reveals that they have got the necessary settings to catch, kill, and eat small prey. So, feeding them with what they are naturally designed to have makes sense. Doesn’t it? However, we also can’t deny that cats have been in the habit of having cooked food in their diet. They have made their body used to the human prepared food which is why well-fed cats tend to live more than their wild counterparts.

  1. Can keep the urge of hunger in control:

Protein as we all know is very filling and raw meat is a complete source of protein. So, feeding your cat with raw meat means they will feel full. This is great for cats having uncontrollable hunger. Less eating also means less risk to obesity which is a serious health problem. However, raw cat foods are not the ultimate hack to curb the excess hunger needs in your cats.

  1. Aids for better skin/coat and energy levels:

As said before, raw feeders claim that feeding cats on raw foods has resulted in increasing their energy levels. Also, it has been seen that the consumption of raw food can lead to better skin for your cat. However, changing diet may cause some problems for your cat’s health. So, it is always advised to consult a vet before making any changes.

  1. Supports better teeth for your cat:

Studies show that cats that eat raw food have healthier teeth. The reason is the bones present in the raw food that keeps the cat’s teeth clean of plaque and tartar. But cleaner teeth do not always mean healthy teeth. So, you need to be cautious. Nevertheless, cats fed on a raw diet have cleaner teeth and fewer foul-smelling issues.

How much raw food to feed a cat?

What amount of raw food is good for your cat? The answer to this question can be a game-setter or game-changer. So, it’s important to have an idea about the amount.

We recommend feeding raw food to your cat in moderation. This way your cat can get the essential protein and lower the risk of any disease transmission.

Side-effects of raw cat food

  1. Raw food can’t provide the exact nutrition your cat needs:

This means that raw meats have different textures and nutrient content which can lead to unbalanced nutrition in your cat, thereby becoming a cause of certain diseases in cats.

  1. Raw food can contain harmful bacteria:

Ever wondered why humans eat cooked food? Because raw food contains pathogens that are harmful to the body and can cause various diseases. Similarly, when cats start consuming raw food regularly, they too invite the risk of various diseases which certainly is not good.

7 Best Raw cat food with Pros and Cons

1. Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Diet for Cats Review


  • Northwest Naturals has been producing and selling raw dog and cat food since 1990. 
  • Despite not being one of the most well-known raw cat food manufacturers, this firm has built a solid reputation for quality and consistency.
  • Their meals are subjected to high-pressure processing in order to break down the cell walls of foodborne pathogens while preserving the nutritious components of the food. 
  • Without a lot of plant stuff, their meals rely mainly on the nutritious worth of fresh muscular flesh, organs, and bones.
  • Northwest Naturals’ formula contains 98 percent turkey muscle meat, organs, and bones, with the remaining 2 percent made up of vitamins and minerals, as well as additional nutrient-rich natural ingredients including kelp, dulse powder, psyllium husk powder, and fish oil.
  • The utilization of many fiber sources helps to alleviate the constipation that so many raw-fed cats suffer from. 
  • If you’re worried about your cat becoming constipated on a raw diet, this food from Northwest Naturals could be an excellent option.


  • A raw food centered on meat.
  • Freeze-dried for safety and shelf life.
  • Carbohydrate content is really low.
  • Manufactured by a company with a solid safety record


  • Flaxseed oil is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil.
  • Before serving, the meal must be rehydrated.

2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Absolutely Rabbit Dinner Morsels Cat Food Review


  • Stella and Chewy’s is a market leader in the raw pet food industry. It has a solid reputation for dependability and a diverse product selection with lots of alternatives to keep your cat pleased.
  • Stella & Chewy’s provides a wide range of freeze-dried and frozen cat meals, all of which have an excellent macronutrient distribution and healthy micronutrient levels. The brand provides you with a lot of alternatives by providing an astounding selection of protein sources. 
  • Whether your cat is on a strict diet or enjoys variety, you should be able to discover a Stella & Chewy’s formula that meets his requirements.
  • Stella & Chewy’s provides both frozen and freeze-dried choices, which might be beneficial. 
  • This freeze-dried recipe is suggested because it is convenient. 
  • As a freeze-dried meal, this product is safe to handle and store while retaining the nutritional balance of fresh meat.
  • This dish makes use of rabbit meat, organs, and bones. 
  • In addition to the rabbit, the formula includes prebiotics and probiotics to support your cat’s digestive tract and immune system.


  • Freeze-dried food is easier to handle and store than fresh food.
  • Made largely of rabbit of the suitable species
  • Probiotics abound, with 10 million colony-forming units per ounce.
  • Contains no fillers or by-products and is grain-free.
  • Carbohydrate content is low


  • Rehydrating freeze-dried food takes only a few minutes.
  • Stella & Chewy’s does not disclose detailed nutrient charts, making assessing its nutritional benefits and drawbacks difficult.

3. Wysong Archetype Raw Chicken Formula Canine/Feline Diet


  • This Wysong Archetype Raw Chicken Formula is an excellent choice for boosting your cat’s nutrition and assisting with digestion.
  • Not only is it made mostly of chicken, chicken bones, and chicken organs, all of which are species-appropriate, but it is also fortified with a variety of nutraceutical that supports various areas of your cat’s health.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics are among the helpful ingredients included in this mix to help enhance your cat’s digestive health. 
  • Furthermore, the shortlist of primary components makes this meal easy to stomach as a whole.
  • This meal does not have as many customer reviews as the other cat foods featured here. However, the majority are positive, with many customers reporting that their cats enjoyed eating the food or observed health benefits after making the move.


  • It was freeze-dried for safety and durability.
  • This meal is a great moisture source once it has been rehydrated.
  • Probiotics are included to promote digestive and immunological health.
  • Grain-free, filler-free, and by-product-free
  • Wysong has an excellent reputation for food safety.


  • Unless rehydrated, it is insufficient as a supply of moisture.

4. Sojos Complete Raw Natural Dry Raw Cat Food Mix


  • The Sojos comprehensive raw food is designed for both dogs and cats and provides carnivores with everything they require. 
  • This full meal choice has no grains at all. 
  • There is no sign of GMOs or gluten, therefore you are less likely to develop sensitivities. 
  • Furthermore, all you have to do is add water to turn the dry cat food into a tasty supper.
  • This is an intriguing alternative for cats that dislike the freeze-dried cat food pieces available elsewhere on the raw market. 
  • However, because the recipe is designed for adults, it may not be suitable for younger kittens.


  • 100% grain-free cat food
  • Alternative to normal freeze-dried choices that are gluten-free and GMO-free
  • AAFCO nutrition profile has been approved.


  • There is just one taste selection.
  • Not recommended for finicky eaters.

5. Vital Essentials Chicken Mini Nibs Entrée Cat Food Review


  • Consider Vital Essentials Mini Nibs if you want raw cat food that you can pour into your cat’s dish and give without defrosting or rehydrating. 
  • These are freeze-dried food bits that are served like kibble. 
  • Vital Essential food’s key components are ground chicken muscle meat, chicken heart, chicken gizzard, and egg, and it provides your cat with species-appropriate, meat-derived nutrients.
  • Vital Essentials meals are one of the few raw items that rely nearly entirely on the nutritious content of muscular flesh, organs, and bones, with no fortification. 
  • This dish comprises raw goat’s milk and herring oil in addition to meat, bones, and eggs. 
  • Because of the anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is a suitable alternative for cats that have stomach disorders or food allergies.
  • Of course, this meal isn’t perfect—its main problem is that it doesn’t provide your cat with enough moisture—but it may be an excellent supplement to a well-rounded diet.


  • Protein-rich, with a moderate fat content and a low carbohydrate content
  • Made primarily of animal-derived substances
  • Mini nibs are ideal for cats who are used to eating dry food.


  • This is one of the more costly alternatives on the list.
  • It lacks sufficient moisture to keep your cat healthy.

6. INSTINCT Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Boost Mixers


  • INSTINCT’s freeze-dried raw cat food topper contains cage-free chicken and no grain. 
  • It’s an excellent way to include the advantages of raw foods into your cat’s diet without breaking the bank. 
  • Alternatively, you could simply give your cat some of these delectable nuggets as a treat. 
  • Simply combine INSTINCT with your cat’s regular wet or dry food to observe the difference.


  • An excellent approach to cut the expense of raw food diets.
  • For finicky cats, raw can be introduced gradually.
  • There is no grain in this excellent, high-quality beef.


  • There is just one taste selection.
  • Large nuggets — may not be suitable for all cats.

7. Feline Natural Chicken & Lamb Feast Cat Food Review


  • Feline Natural is the finest raw cat food for seniors. This dish, unlike the others on this list, does not contain any natural bone. 
  • This helps to maintain its mineral balance, making it a kidney-friendly alternative to higher-phosphorus meals. 
  • It’s not a therapeutic diet, and it’s not suggested for cats with renal illness, but it’s a good alternative for older cats.
  • Aside from its low bone content, this meal meets the demands of senior cats with a high concentration of easy-to-digest chicken muscle meat, lamb organs, heart, and blood. 
  • All of these nutrients are also highly bioavailable, which means your cat will receive more nutrition with less processing.
  • Finally, the diet contains New Zealand green mussels, a source of omega-3 fatty acids that may aid in the battle against inflammation caused by arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.


  • Easy-to-digest protein aids in the maintenance of senior muscle mass.
  • Phosphorus control is gentle on aged kidneys.
  • Calorie-dense foods to keep older cats healthy
  • Carbohydrate content is low
  • Green-lipped mussel, an excellent source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, is included.


  • The price is too much.


What kind of raw meat is best for cats?

Chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, lamb, and quail are all favorites for cats. These choices are nearer to the natural prey. As each cat is unique, your cat may prefer one type of meat over another. Remember the importance of a wide range of options. A variety of nutrients may be found in each animal species. Aim for a rotation of 4-5 different proteins.

At first, only one new protein should be introduced to your cat’s diet, as dietary modifications have an effect on cats.

What are the advantages of feeding cats a raw diet?

A raw diet for cats has the following benefits:

  • Supports oral health care.
  • Boosts the amount of water consumed.
  • Due to the lack of processing, it provides a higher quality protein.
  • To assist avoid obesity and diabetes, it has reduced carbohydrate content.
  • Preparation at home is possible with the right amount of time and knowledge.

Several commercially accessible raw diets are now available in the market, such as the one explained above. 

Is Raw cat food a good choice for your cat?

According to raw feeders, this sort of food can have dramatic health and wellness benefits for your cat. However, the potential advantages of raw cat food have not been well researched or validated.

Here are a few ways that raw cat food may be able to assist, based on anecdotal evidence.

  • Raw food has a high concentration of species-appropriate animal fats, which can contribute to a lustrous, luxurious coat, indicating that your cat’s skin and overall health are improving.
  • Many owners report that after moving to a raw food diet, their cats were more active. This is thought to be because the meal has a high biological value and is easily absorbed by the body. This implies that even “lazy” cats and seniors may get up from their cushions and start skittering about the house like a kitten.
  • Raw cat food may be beneficial to oral health. Feeding raw meaty bones to your cat can assist to strengthen their jaws and brush away residue, keeping their teeth healthy.
  • Raw food is virtually totally used by your cat’s body since it is a very physiologically accessible meal. This means that raw-fed cats produce smaller, less odorous feces.
  • A raw diet may also be simpler to digest, making it a viable alternative for cats with IBD, food allergies, and other digestive disorders.

Again, all of these claims are anecdotal, and there is no convincing evidence that raw cat food is more nutritious than any well-balanced, nutritionally-complete cooked diet.

How Do Raw Food Diets Compare to Conventional Diets?

Choosing a cat food mix that is full and balanced is vital. Raw food you create at home is unlikely to be as full and balanced as professionally prepared RFDs.

To make sure your cat is getting all the nutrients she needs from her diet and supplements, working with your veterinarian is a must if you’re thinking of giving her raw food.

Because of this, your cat will be more likely to acquire vitamin deficiencies like thiamine, which can have negative effects on her nervous system, brain, and metabolism. Bone health and development can also be affected by nutrient shortages. Therefore, it is best to choose a good raw cat food meal available in the market like the ones recommended by us above.×1536.jpg

Why would my cat want to eat raw cat food?

Uncooked and unprocessed foods are the only ingredients in a raw diet. It is common for a cat’s traditional diet to include 98 percent meat, organs, and bone in a commercially available raw food supplement. There is enough protein and other nutrients in these meals to help your dog maintain a strong coat and skin, as well as a healthy set of teeth and gums. The increased moisture level of raw diets helps to keep your cat hydrated as well.

You may be concerned about the hazards of feeding your cat raw foods, but there are safe methods to do so.

Does My Cat Qualify to eat Raw cat food?

All life stages can benefit from frozen raw and freeze-dried raw diets. Raw diets may be used for kittens, adults, and elderly pets equally. Cats of all ages may get the benefits of raw food!

Does Raw cat food promote Healthy digestion in cats?

Cats with digestive difficulties may benefit from a portion of raw food, which breaks down more slowly and effectively. Probiotics incorporated into various raw cat food recipes can ensure proper digestion. You may even notice that your cat’s bowel movements are less frequent once they’ve transitioned to a raw diet.

Can cats with Allergies benefit from Raw cat food?

In addition to gastrointestinal disorders, itching, and dry and flaky coat, allergies can cause a wide range of other problems. Food that is made from fresh ingredients and natural oils can help cats with allergies maintain healthy skin and lustrous coats. Raw cat food also offers several meals with only one type of protein, as well as more unusual proteins like a rabbit.

Are Raw cat food diets great for senior cats?

There is no need to be concerned about your elder cat’s teeth or mouth problems if you pick a freeze-dried or a frozen raw diet. In addition, raw diets have a high moisture content, so you can be certain that your cat’s kidneys are getting the appropriate water they need.

How to transition your cat to raw cat food?

Always begin a new diet slowly over the course of 7 to 10 days. This might cause stomach distress or diarrhea if you introduce a new meal or food type too rapidly. If your cat is accustomed to eating dry kibble, it may require some time to adjust to a different texture.

  • Days 1 to 3:

Mix 75% of the old food with 25% of the fresh raw food.

  • On days 4-6:

50 percent of the old food and 50 percent of the fresh raw food should be mixed together for the final product.

  • Days 7 through 9:

Mix 25% of the old food with 75% of the fresh raw food.

  • The 10th day:

New raw food should be fed in its whole.

Raw cat food: The verdict

Though there are many benefits of raw food, these benefits have still not been proven. Secondly, there is a risk of disease getting transmitted from animals to humans, the disease which is caused in animals by having excess raw food, and these diseases are fatal.

Therefore, it’s better to supply raw cat foods keeping a check on your cat’s behavior.

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