Getting to Know Your American Shorthair Cat

The American fancies it to be a member of the family and will be an excellent playmate for any child. The American Shorthair cat is known for its long life, robust good health and its handsome, good looks. The American Shorthair not only gets along well with kids, but also does really well in households with dogs.

american short hair cat

American Shorthairs possess a beauty and loving nature that is hard to resist. They were popular in the pioneer days for their rat-catching skills. The breed used to be known as the Domestic Shorthair but was renamed the “American Shorthair”, in 1966.

There are more than 80 different colors and patterns from brown patched to the blue-eyed white. American shorthair cats can be shaded silver, smokes, cameos or calico.

Kittens receive their vaccinations at twelve weeks of age and have by that time developed the physical and social stability that they need in order to do well in a new environment.

The American Shorthair is considered to be a true working class cat with its stocky body build and powerful muscles. The American Shorthair will tend to want to overeat so pet owners should be careful to monitor food intake in order to keep their cat healthy.

American Shorthairs should be given plenty of opportunity to play and receive adequate amounts of exercise. The silver classic tabby is perhaps the best-known color combination of American Shorthair.

The American Shorthair gets along well with other pets including dogs and has gentle personalities that are perfect for households with kids. They make good indoor or outdoor cats. Males are larger than the females of the breed.

Salem Saberhagen, the cat on the TV series: Sabrina the Teenage Witch is an American Shorthair.

The American Shorthair is also known for its intelligence, quiet disposition and hardy build. The coat of the American Shorthair is short, thick, and has a hard texture to it. The coat has the ability to protect the cat from moisture, cold and any brambles it may encounter while outside.

If kept indoor an American Shorthair can live, on average, to be fifteen or twenty years of age. The healthy American Shorthair is a low maintenance cat.

It is recommended by vets that they be neutered or spayed and that good grooming habits be formed while they are kittens. The American Shorthair sheds its fur.

Grooming the American Shorthair requires the following grooming tools:

  1. Nail clippers
  2. Metal Comb or Rubber Brush
  3. Chamois is used to pull out loose hair and to clean the coat and add luster.

You do not need to bath an American Shorthair unless it is going to be a show cat.

The American Shorthair although loves to receive attention, is perfectly happy entertaining itself.

The American Shorthair loves to climb up high and needs to have a climbing tree, or it will use your counter, or bookcase.

A typical American Shorthair does not speak. It is comical to watch one, walk up to its owner open its mouth and not have any sound come out. The breed is known for its silent meow.

American Shorthairs love to give “love-bites” to demonstrate their sense of humor and playfulness.

The American Shorthair usually travels well and loves to take short trips. Kittens should be allowed to get used to traveling by car and not just to the vets!