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Top Six High Protein Cat Food for Your Furball in 2021

Cat’s are the stars of our eye and deserve the best, don’t they? Therefore, many Cat parents want high-protein cat food for their cat’s overall good health.

We all want the best for our kitty companions. Many of us want to convert to high protein cat food to better fulfill our cat’s natural nutritional demand for higher-than-average protein content. Unfortunately, many low-quality cat meals have more fillers and carbs than high-quality protein, which means they may not satisfy your cat’s dietary needs as effectively as they could.

As a result, it is sensible to exercise caution while purchasing new cat food. When it comes to picking a high-protein cat food, there is a tremendous variety available, and comparing all the alternatives may quickly become daunting. 

Here’s where we come in! We’ve compiled reviews of the top six high protein cat food. Take a look at our selection; we’re confident that one of our favorites will be suitable for your cat!

Why High-Protein Cat Food ?

Cats are carnivores, which means they require animal protein to survive. Cats in the wild typically consume mice, frogs, insects, reptiles, rabbits, and birds. Domestic cats require the same degree of nutrition as wild cats, despite the fact that they do not generally hunt for their own food. Because cats are carnivores, it should come as no surprise that protein is a vital source of energy for them. Your cat’s body will begin to break down its own muscular tissue if it does not obtain enough protein. Adult cats require at least 26 percent protein in their diet to avoid losing lean body mass, but dogs require approximately 12 percent protein and humans just 8 percent. Giving your cat a high-protein food will keep it healthy and powerful.

Best High Protein Cat Food In 2021

Now, that we know the basics of choosing the best high protein cat food, let’s head down to find the best high-protein Cat food in the market right now. Include one of these selections as part of your cat’s daily mean and watch your feline friend smile.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Main components: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, pea protein, tapioca starch, and peas

Type of packaging: Bag

Food Type: Dry Food Life Stage: Adult

Considerations for Special Diets: Grainless, soy-free, corn-free, and wheat-free

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe is the greatest overall high-protein cat food. 
  • This dry food for adult cats is created with genuine chicken and nutritious carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and peas. 
  • In addition to high-quality, natural ingredients, this recipe contains Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource Bits, a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that will help maintain your cat’s immune system and general health. 
  • This meal is available in different sizes, making it suitable for both single-cat and multi-cat homes. 
  • The biggest disadvantage of this cat food is that it is more expensive than other, more mainstream alternatives on the market, but we believe the nutritional value outweighs the cost.


  • It is available in three bag sizes
  • The protein content is 40%.
  • Produced with real chicken, which is the first ingredient.
  • The recipe is grain free.


  • Expensive in comparison to other choices
  • When compared to other brands, it has a high-calorie count
  • The recipe can be too rich for some cats

2. Diamond Naturals Active Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

Main components: Chicken meal, ground white rice, chicken fat, natural taste, flaxseed

Type of packaging: bag

Life Stage: All stages of life

Food Type: Dry food

Considerations for Special Diets: Free of corn, peas, wheat, and soy.

  • Don’t overlook Diamond Naturals Active Chicken Meal & Rice Formula dry food if you’re seeking for high-protein cat food manufactured with honest ingredients at a lower price. 
  • This is, in our opinion, the greatest high-protein cat chow you can get for the money. 
  • Because it is designed for all life phases, this cat food may be an excellent choice for families with cats of varying ages. 
  • The Diamond Naturals Active formula also contains probiotics to aid your kitty’s health and digestion, as well as DHA to help support brain and visual function. 
  • One thing to keep in mind is that cats were pickier about this meal than they were about some of the other alternatives on our list.


  • The protein content is 40%.
  • The first component is real chicken.
  • It is excellent value for money
  • The recipe is suitable for all life stages


  • Some cats dislike the flavor.

3. Orijen Original Grain-Free Dry Cat Food 

Main components: Chicken, turkey, whole mackerel, turkey giblets, and flounder

Type of packaging: bag

Food Type: Dry 

Food Life Stage: Adult

Considerations for Special Diets: Gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, and soy-free

  • Wouldn’t you want to feed your cat the best cat chow available if money were no object? We both agree! As a result, the Orijen Original Grain-Free dry cat food made the cut. 
  • This kibble is created with natural ingredients like turkey, chicken, fish, and eggs. Because of Orijen’s “whole prey” philosophy, which includes every part of the animal, including organs and bones, it is very nutritious. 
  • Before you buy, keep in mind that the Orijen Original Grain-Free formula was recently altered, and some cats and cat owners dislike it as much as the original version.


  • 90% of the components are animal-based, including poultry or fish.
  • There are no fillers.
  • Contains 40% protein, which aids in the development of healthy, glossy hair in cats.
  • The recipe is made in the USA


  • Expensive in comparison to other choices
  • Large chunks are difficult for cats to consume.
  • The new recipe is not as effective as the old one.

4. IAMS Proactive Health High Protein Cat Food

Main components: Chicken, Chicken Byproduct Meal, Corn Grits, Ground Whole Grain Corn, Salmon.

Type of packaging: Bag

Food Type: Dry Food 

Life Stage: Adult

Considerations for Special Diets: Grainless, soy-free, corn-free, and wheat-free

  • The Iams Proactive Health High Protein Cat Food is another excellent option, with chicken and salmon accounting for 84% of the protein content. 
  • This dry cat food is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats of all life stages. 
  • It also has a customized combination of fiber that has been carefully selected to assist your cat’s digestive tract to stay healthy and robust.
  • It also contains a combination of vital minerals, including calcium, which is good for your cat’s teeth and bones. 
  • The premium recipe comprises a lot of high-quality ingredients, but no synthetic colors, wheat, or chemical preservatives. That is always excellent news!


  • There are three bag sizes to choose from.
  • The first component is chicken.
  • The protein content is 38%.
  • Suitable for all phases of life


  • Corn is present.
  • Not recommended for kittens or pregnant or nursing cats.

5. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned Food

Main components: Turkey, chicken liver, turkey broth, chicken, and chicken meal.

Type of packaging: Can

Stage of Life: Kitten

Food Type: Wet food

Considerations for Special Diets: Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free, corn-free, pea-free

  • You may not realize it, but kittens have different nutritional requirements than adult cats. They are still developing, therefore their protein needs are much higher than those of a fully grown cat, this is where Wellness Core comes into play. 
  • The Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate canned kitten food is our pick for the finest high-protein diet for kittens on the market. 
  • This wet food is made out of actual, entire animals, as evidenced by the top five components, to give your kittens the most nutritional value possible.
  • It also includes DHA and is preservative-free. 
  • While kitten owners dislike the smell of this meal, kittens like it!


  • Soy, corn, and grain-free Delicious taste


  • Expensive
  • Unpleasant odor

6. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain

Main components: Chicken meal, peas, sweet potatoes, chicken fat, pea protein, and potato protein.

Type of packaging: bag

Life Stage: Adult

Food type: Dry form

Considerations for Special Diets: Grain, corn, and wheat-free

  • Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain is the highest-protein option on our list, so if you want food that will really pack a protein punch, this is it. 
  • This formula combines vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin E, and folic acid to help maintain healthy bones and a healthy body in general.
  •  It also includes probiotics and antioxidants to support a healthy digestive and immune system. 
  • Cats like the flavor of this food, even if the kibble crumbles readily in the bag.
  •  It’s also worth noting that, despite the fact that the product advertises salmon and venison as the main ingredients, the first ingredient is chicken meal.


  • Probiotics are used in the formulation.
  • The protein content is 42%.


  • Kibbles are jumbled
  • Despite advertisements for salmon and venison, the first component is chicken.

How Much Protein is Considered High Protein?

Cat food is classified as high-protein if it includes at least 30% protein. This criterion is met by all the cat food on this list, with some exceeding 40%. 

Keep your cat’s age in consideration while selecting a product. Some products are designed particularly for kittens or elderly cats, both of which require more protein than younger adult cats. Look for cat chow that has around 50% protein for elderly cats.

What Nutrition do Cats Require?

Aside from protein, your cat requires a variety of nutrients to be healthy. Many of these are derived from the protein content of your cat’s food.

  • Taurine is one of the amino acids found in protein. Taurine is an essential component in the diet of cats. Because cats cannot synthesize or produce this vitamin, they must obtain 100 percent of their daily needs from their diet.
  • Following that, omega-6 fatty acids are required to keep your cat’s hair and skin robust and healthy.
  • Vitamins are also essential! Vitamins A, B1, and D3 are essential for cats.
  • Almost every brand of cat food will state the guaranteed minimum amounts of taurine and omega-6 fatty acids in their blend. Some will additionally mention omega-3 fatty acids, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals.

What to Look for in a Premium Dry Cat Food

  • Life stage

Match the dry food you feed your cat to their life stage. Kittens have specific dietary requirements as they grow and develop, so it’s important to feed them properly. Feed your cat a balanced diet that is high in nutrients and energy to keep them healthy and happy during their active adult years. Senior cats’ dietary requirements will differ from those of the first two life phases, so choose a formula designed for your kitty’s golden years.

  • Flavor

This is a personal preference, but some felines are pickier than others. Finding a dry cat food that your cat will eat and like may be difficult, especially if you are moving from wet cat food. While limited ingredient foods are beneficial to digestion, they are not always appealing to all cats. To discover a dry cat food that your cat will eat, you may need to experiment with different protein sources and additives.

  • Essential nutrients

To thrive, your cat requires certain nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Taurine, for example, is an important amino acid that your cat must obtain from food. Look for dry cat food that fulfills the bare minimum of necessary amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

One thing to keep in mind is that your cat does not require carbs in his or her diet, even if there is no research to demonstrate what the ideal carbohydrate percentage for cats should be.

How to Read Ingredient Labels?

It’s not just about quantity when it comes to protein; it’s also about quality. Lower-quality protein is less digested than high-quality protein, resulting in faster muscle mass loss. Before selecting cat food, always read the first five ingredients. The first component in the finest grade cat foods is genuine meat. Meat meal is also a good source of protein, however, it is not as high-quality as actual meat.

How to Switch Cat Food?

  • Once you’ve settled on and purchased your new cat food, it’s critical to gradually give it to your cat to decrease the chance of an upset stomach.
  • Most manufacturers will offer suggested amounts for transferring your cat to their new diet. 
  • Over the course of six days, you can add 25% of the new food to your cat’s regular meal for the first two days. 
  • On days three and four, combine the meals in a 50/50 ratio. 
  • On days 5 and 6, you’ll eat 75 percent new food and 25 percent old stuff. 
  • On day seven, you may eat whole new foods, and your transition is complete!
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Conclusion: Top High Protein cat food 2021

These are the finest overall high-protein cat food because of their high-quality, genuine ingredients and variety in terms of consumer selections. 

We understand you have many options for high-protein cat food, but we hope our evaluations have assisted you in selecting a product that will work for both you and your cat! We are certain that high-protein cat food will be suitable for your cat!

Of course, letting your cat enjoy their new meal will be the true test, and we’re confident they’ll appreciate it!

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