Toilet Training Your Cat

Toilet training is one of the major areas of worry for new cat owners. However, you need not panic because toilet training your cat isn’t all that difficult. All you have to do is make your cat understand that it can litter only on the litter tray.

There are a few important things that you need to take care of if you want your cat to be properly trained in this aspect.

The first thing is the placement of the litter tray. Keep it somewhere nice and quiet where that cat will not be disturbed. Anyone would hate to litter in front of others and the same goes for your cat. Find a good place and stick to it. Never make the mistake of shifting places of the litter tray as it will perplex your cat to no end!

Another key factor in toilet training is the frequency of cleaning the toilet tray. You have to realize that cats are extremely clean animals. They love to stay clean and fresh and would hate to litter in an already dirty tray. A big mistake that cat owners often make is that they do not clean the litter tray frequently enough and then wonder why the cat has suddenly rejected it. So the next time you see that your cat, who usually uses the litter tray without any fuss, has stopped using it, know that its time to clean your beloved pet’s litter tray.

Once again, different cats will have different notions of cleanliness and so you have to see what suits your cat best. But generally speaking, cleaning the litter tray every alternate day is a good option.

Once again, training your cat about anything involves patience and when you bring a kitten home, you have to take time to help your kitty understand all about toilet training. The kitten that has just been brought home has no clue about toilet training and you have to undertake an effort to help them learn. You have to start understanding the signs. You have to understand when your kitten is about to relieve itself. Generally, they feel nature calling after eating or drinking. A sign that they are about to litter is their sniffing about. When you spot your kitten sniffing around the floor looking for a place, gently place it on the litter tray. Slowly, your cat will understand that the litter tray is the place where they are meant to excrete.

Overall, if you keep repeating this process, then the cat will eventually learn to relieve themselves in their litter tray. Just be patient and persistent and you will be rewarded.

All that giving your cat the proper toilet training requires is patience and understanding. With both these important qualities, you will soon be successful in toilet training your cat.