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Buying Guide Cat Puzzle Feeders With Pros And Cons in 2021

Boredom, frustration, and environmental stress are major causes of cat behavioral issues. The best thing you can do for your cat is to encourage foraging behavior, and we’re here to teach you how!

Most cats get their food from a bowl in the same place every day, so getting food is easy. Gone are the days when cats had to hunt, capture, and kill their food, all of which require mental and physical effort. 

A cat’s lack of chance to engage with its environment and be cognitively stimulated can lead to boredom, indifference, anxiety, and even behavioral changes. Cats who just need to go to their food bowl are more likely to acquire weight because their calorie intake exceeds their calorie expenditure. This is where the cat puzzle feeders come to play.

Cats should be fed some, if not all, of their food portions in cat puzzle feeders, to stimulate mental and physical stimulation when feeding, and to exhibit their natural hunting activity. Cat Puzzle feeders are items that contain food and must be handled to release it. A fascinating ‘brain-teaser’ for your cat!

There are numerous Cat puzzle feeders in the market right now that can be purchased by you for your cat. Here in this article, we provide you top 9 cat puzzle feeders in the market. 

Read on for the best suggestions, but first, have a look at what a cat puzzle feeder really is.

What Are Cat Puzzle Feeders?

Cat puzzle feeders are basically what they sound like. Food puzzles are toys for cats that make them work harder for their food.

Food puzzles keep cats amused while they eat, allowing them to develop, learn, and improve their mental health. It also helps them release some of the energy that might otherwise drive them to destroy your furnishings.

Finally, food puzzles slow cats down when eating food. They still eat the same quantity and acquire all of their nutrients, but they have to work more to get to the food. So they don’t gulp their meal without chewing it or consume too much too fast.

Top Cat Puzzle Feeder In The Market

1. The Company Of Animals CATCH Interactive Feeder

  • The Company of Animals Catch Interactive feeder is one of the finest cat puzzle feeders for cats who love dry food. 
  • The CATCH Interactive Feeder is a straightforward obstacle puzzle that stores cat food and promotes browsing.
  • The many soft-tipped “spikes” provide a fascinating surface for cats to play on, while the textured surface keeps in the cat food and prevents it from pouring all over the floor.
  • The CATCH interactive feeder is available in a number of colors to complement your home’s decor.


  • A fantastic method to entertain and feed your cat at the same time.
  • The material of the product is long-lasting.
  • Dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.
  • The feeder does not retain odor.
  • Because of the feeder’s relatively soft surface, your cat may chew on the barriers to clean their gums and teeth without worrying about sharp edges or abrasive components.


  • Because the product is designed for tiny cats, if your cat is a bigger breed or just a little chunkier, they may have difficulty putting their paw between some of the spikes.
  • If your cat has a sensitive mouth, discomfort around the spikes may develop.

2. Lickimat Casper & Felix

  • The Lickimat Casper & Felix Slow Feeder is by far the finest cat puzzle feeder for wet food. 
  • It is a robust, non-slip cat feeder with plenty of barriers to prevent the dreaded “scarf and barf.”
  • The Lickimat feeder, which comes in a variety of colors, promotes oral health as your cat feeds by gently stimulating the gums and improving blood flow and cleanliness in an often-overlooked region.
  • The easy-to-clean surface may be used to store yogurt, wet food, peanut butters, purées, and any other spreads that your cat like. This promotes increased variety in your cat’s food and results in a happier, healthier kitty overall!


  • The whisker-friendly shape aids fussier cats in keeping their faces clean.
  • The ribbed surface encourages eating cats to adopt a more upright posture.
  • Cats are kept from eating too rapidly by obstacles.
  • The product is manufactured from ecologically acceptable components.


  • While the feeding mat is cat-friendly, it is not a chew toy, thus cats who prefer to nibble may tear off corners or sections of the mat.

3. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

  • If your indoor cat aspires to be a fearsome outside hunter, you should choose Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder.
  • These charming mice-shaped food dispensers are ideal for the cat that is eager to work for his or her food!
  • The Hunting Cat Feeders are specially intended for cats who want more mental stimulation and exercise.
  • Leave them about your house for your cat to find, explore, and devour.
  • Each feeder can contain about three teaspoons of dry food, or two scoops using the measuring spoon included.


  • The feeder features a comfortable outer covering made of fabric skin with nylon and rayon fibers.
  • The outer layer is machine washable.
  • The inner frame is dishwasher safe and does not hold smells.
  • Designed to operate with any kibble size.
  • Excellent brain workout for fidgety cats.


  • Depending on how hard your cat plays, the delicate outer skin may begin to deteriorate over time.
  • If you have dogs, you should keep a watch on these feeders since a larger animal may be able to chew them up.

4. Trixie Brain Mover Activity Strategy Game Cat Toy

  • The Trixie Brian Mover was our top-rated product in this category.
  • It’s wonderfully designed, available in a range of soft hues, and offers a number of fun activities. This puzzle has four built-in modules, each of which requires a different sort of interaction to obtain a reward. This variation assures that your kitten will not tear off the Trixie Brain Mover anytime soon.
  • The games include a moving ball, sliders that may be moved, drawer knobs, and loops. To solve them, your cat will need patience and focus, which is exactly the sort of stimulation that indoor cats require.
  • Trixie’s product is constructed of Polystyrene, which makes it easy to clean and even dishwasher safe.
  • The materials utilized are primarily plastic (particularly, Polypropylene and High-Impact Polystyrene), which has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • Trixie added four rubber stoppers at the bottom to decrease noise caused by sliding around hard flooring.


  • A wide range of puzzle kinds are available.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • When sliding on hard flooring, rubber stoppers decrease noise.
  • It is suitable for use with wet food.
  • The entire product is dishwasher safe and can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • It has a reasonable price tag.


  • It is that it is fairly large.
  • The plastic substance has the potential to make a lot of noise.

5. Simply Pets Online Slow Feed Cat Bowl

  • Another obstacle feeder is the Simply Pets Online Slow Feed Cat Bowl, which works by interrupting your cat’s usual feeding behaviors and pushing them to work harder to acquire the same quantity of food.
  • The Simply Pets dish was designed by veterinarians to aid cats with a quick-eating issue. 
  • It is constructed of a unique bamboo fiber blend, so you won’t have to worry about your cat chewing through plastic or picking up residual pollutants from any metals.
  • The bowl is available in blue, purple, or white, so you’re likely to discover a hue that complements the overall design sense of your house.


  • Because of the bigger bowl and greater obstacles, this dish is ideal for larger cats. 
  • It comes with instructions for teaching your cat to eat obstacles.
  • For simple cleaning, the feeder is microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • Not suitable for wet food since food may clump in some of the nooks and crevices.
  • Significantly bigger than the usual cat bowl, this bowl may provide problems for cats with shorter snouts.

6. Catit Senses Digger Interactive Cat Toy

  • The Catit Senses Digger Interactive Cat Toy mixes mealtime and fun for a unique cat feeder!
  • The interactive feeder stimulates your cat to paw for food by dividing a single meal into numerous tubes, resulting in enhanced foraging and hunting activities.
  • It may appear complex, but it is actually quite simple—just distribute your cat’s food among the detachable tubes.
  • Your cat will have to paw or scoop out each meal, which will encourage them to take their time.
  • This feeder comes with three distinct “difficulty levels,” based on your cat’s habits and personality, with a choice of three different tube sizes.


  • Simple to clean and highly versatile.
  • It has a dishwasher-safe base and multiple tube diameters for different cats.
  • Even with the most determined cats, the solid rubber base resists sliding or tipping over during mealtimes.


  • Cats who don’t have a strong digging instinct may require a little additional help figuring out how to get their food out.
  • If your cat is having difficulty, begin by placing the food straight in the tube wells at first.

7. PetSafe SlimCat Meal-Dispensing Cat Toy

  • If your cat lives for the excitement of the hunt, the PetSafe SlimCat Meal-Dispensing Cat Toy is an excellent example of actual fast food!
  • The PetSafe food-dispensing toy is ideal for most quantities of dry cat food and provides hours of amusement for cats and cat lovers alike.
  • You may vary the pace at which food is delivered by using various adjustable holes incorporated into the ball.
  • This toy, which is slightly larger than a baseball, is an excellent method to ensure that your cat receives lots of activity, amusement, and nourishment all at the same time.


  • The semi-transparent shell allows you to see how much food is remaining.
  • The top rack of the cat puzzle feeder is dishwasher safe.
  • It stimulates the mind while also encouraging good eating habits.
  • Carbon fibers that have been treated for a long-lasting, hardworking toy.


  • Crumbs or cat food may be left about the house.
  • Wet food should not be used with this product.
  • If food is left to linger within the toy for several days, it might attract bugs, so clean it periodically!

8. Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle

  • Its puzzle is unique in this category since it is entirely composed of recycled materials.
  • The concept is simple, but Cat Amazing does offer three levels of difficulty — beginner, intermediate, and top — to keep your kitten challenged as her abilities grow.
  • The puzzle was simple to put together, but it didn’t feel very robust or long-lasting. Because it’s constructed of recycled cardboard, you shouldn’t put any wet food or moist snacks in it.
  • We had some reservations about using cardboard for a product that will most likely be chewed on, but Cat Amazing assured us that their materials are printed with certified metal-free inks that are entirely safe for your cats. 


  • Made entirely of recyclable materials.
  • There are several levels of difficulty.
  • It’s ideal for dry foods.
  • You may change the difficulty by adjusting the openings.


  • The materials are not particularly long-lasting.
  • It may not be suitable for cats who enjoy eating cardboard.
  • Wet meals and moist snacks are not permitted.
  • Cleaning is difficult.

9. Petstages Rainy Day Puzzle & Play

  • The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play is provided as a solution to your cat’s indoor ennui.
  • With 14 different drop-shaped levers and sliders that expose holes where you can put goodies or food, it really is a very full kit.
  • You also have a spinning disc on top that may be utilized to conceal goodies. The puzzle’s design allows you to adjust the complexity to pique the attention of even the most clever cats.
  • The board is constructed of wood and strong plastic that is chewable (no BPA, PVC, or phthalates). This cloth is lightweight and simple to clean, which is a big advantage in our book.


  • 14 distinct slots for storing various snacks or foods
  • Allows you to adjust the difficulty as your cat learns new tricks.
  • It can also function as a slow-feeder.
  • It needs moist food.


  • Must be adjusted once your cat has finished playing.
  • It takes up a lot of room.
  • When the different pieces are moved, they make a lot of noise.

Types of Cat Puzzle Feeders

  • Treat/Maze Ball

These are moving puzzle feeders like cat treat ball dispensers. They have a tiny hole that releases food or goodies when your cat knocks the ball around. These feeders are available in various varieties such as various holes, not so many holes, holes of different sizes, and so on. This makes them move less reliably. This style of dispenser encourages physical activity, which may help a cat lose weight.

When using these, make sure the treats or dry food you use to fit through the puzzle ball’s openings.

  • Self-righting treat dispenser

This interactive cat treat dispenser looks like a ball and dispenses food when bumped. Great for older cats or kitties that get agitated when their ball toys get caught beneath the furniture.

  • Mazes

Cat treat mazes inspire your feline companion to paw and nose their way through tunnels and crevices. Some are as basic as an elevated bowl, so your cat needs to move food to get it. Others have many levels to knock food around before they get to it. Mazes are ideal for cats that are afraid of the food ball’s motion or loudness, or who are unable to move owing to injury or arthritis.

  • Puzzle Feeders

For your cat’s comfort, some puzzle feeders come with a pinata-style hanging design. To make puzzle balls for cats tougher, hang them like piñata toys.

  • Mice Care

Some reward distributing toys may be stuffed and hidden. The cat must not only catch the mouse from behind the cushion or beneath the bed, but also remove the goodies. Realism is added via a washable exterior ‘skin’. These are excellent for cats who enjoy hunting and are mobile.

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Things to Consider when Purchasing Cat Puzzle Feeder

In general, there are a few essential aspects to consider while shopping for food puzzles for your cats. These elements include the following:

  • Practicality: 

Look for an easy-to-clean cat puzzle feeder. If you can put it in the dishwasher instead of washing it by hand, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time!

  • Hygiene: 

In relation to the above, seek for a feeder that cleans properly. In other words, seek out non-porous materials that will not absorb scents or colors.

  • Adaptability: 

Depending on what you feed your cat, ensure the feeder is compatible with both wet and dry meals, as well as different quantities of kibble.

  • Durability: 

An excellent puzzle feeder will keep your cat engaged and fed for years. Look for materials that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

  • Safety: 

Watch out for any protruding components or sharp edges that might hurt your cat’s delicate mouth. Look for rounded edges and materials that are comfortable but durable.

The ideal cat puzzle feeder is one that is suitable for both you and your cat. Check out the benefits and drawbacks of some of our favorite feeders and evaluate your house and lifestyle.

How to Use Cat Puzzle Feeders?

We would recommend you to introduce the cat puzzle feeders gradually to your cat. This enables them to learn how to utilize the puzzle feeder without being frustrated.

As a result, while introducing puzzle feeders, you should:

  • Continue to provide part of the cat’s daily amount of food in a bowl, while also providing some in the puzzle feeder.
  • Adjust the puzzle feeder’s settings so that acquiring food is simple. Filling the puzzle feeder with enough of food (e.g., at least one-half to three-quarters full) will result in food being released more readily.
  • Use clear puzzle feeders or those with a lot of holes, so the cats can see, smell, and hear the food.
  • Sprinkle some dry food all around the puzzle feeder to pique the cat’s attention and assist the cat in making the link between food and the puzzle feeder.

3 Proven Ways to Use Cat Puzzle feeders with Your Cat

  • Obtain a variety of toys and rotate them on a regular basis so that your cat always has a “fresh” toy to play with.
  • At first, your cat may need some assistance learning how to use the puzzle; explain to them how to use it and that there is food inside. Allowing children to grow annoyed by the problem might be harmful- no one enjoys games they’re awful at!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up by adding DIY toys, new goodies, or giving your cat numerous puzzles to attempt at simultaneously.

Conclusion: Best Cat puzzle feeders.

The ideal cat puzzle feeders are one that the cat enjoys using—and because every cat is different, it may take some time to discover one that your cat appreciates. But it’s worthwhile- foraging with cat puzzle feeders is beneficial to your cat’s physical and mental health!

Cat puzzle feeders are an excellent tool for those cats that munch on food too fast or need mental stimulation. Increase the quantity of the cat’s daily food intake supplied via the puzzle feeder as the cat gets more adept at using it and if they exhibit no indications of stress, anxiety, or dissatisfaction. 

According to International Cat Care, puzzle feeders should be used to supply 100% of a cat’s food. The puzzle feeder’s complexity should be steadily increased. The complexity can be enhanced by employing devices with fewer and/or vertical slits, opaque devices, and more difficult to control gadgets. This ensures that the puzzle feeder remains engaging — the gadget should present a challenge to the cat without becoming frustrating.

Out of all the suggestions that we provided, each one has its own unique features that can suit your cat. We hope our suggestions were helpful, and you were able to select one of the cat puzzle feeders that are suitable for you and your cat.

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