The Cat Care

Art of Paws Cat wall shelves


  • BEAUTIFUL CURVED WOOD CAT SHELF at 16 x 12 x 5 inches (40 x 30 x 12 cm) is elegant and curved enough to suit even the pickiest of kitties! Beautiful cat furniture for your beautiful cat. THE PERFECT CAT BED is an elevated cat bed, just out of the playful puppies reach and with a hint of sun to warm up the covers. What could be better than a peaceful nap in the toasty afternoon sun?
  • PERSONALISE YOUR CAT PERCH with one of two covers. Is your kitty a scratcher? Simply add the FIBRE TYPE COVER and your cat can scratch to their heart’s content before falling into a happy slumber. Is your kitty a cuddle monster? The SOFT WOOL COVER provides that extra cozy feeling your cat will immediately curl up in!
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED AND MOUNTED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES All tools and easy-to-read instructions are included, and your kitty will be exploring their newfound vertical cat stairs territory in under five minutes!
  • THREE YEAR GUARANTEE: Art of Paws cat furniture products are made to last, which is why we confidently offer an unheard of THREE YEAR guarantee on our products. We are excited for your kitty to enjoy their cat shelves and perches forever!
  • SURPRISE BONUS! We want you and your pet to reach Max Happy Level, so we’re sending you a fun Guide “HOW TO TEACH YOUR CAT THE HIGH FIVE TRICK” Ebook. Get in touch and let us know how it goes, we’d Love to hear from you xx Art of Paws