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Perfect Cat Litter Box Furniture

6 Perfect Cat Litter Box Furniture For Your Home

“Cat litter box furniture is the new trendy way to hide your litter box in plain sight while keeping your cat happy, home tidy, and environment super clean”.

As a pet owners, all of us know that cats reign supreme, run the show, and call all the shots in the home. While you probably wouldn’t have it any other way, it would be good to avoid an unsightly litter box.

It is often challenging to find the right place for the cat litter box furniture in our homes. Finding the ideal placements for litter boxes, especially if you have numerous cats or a tiny area, is a troublesome task. As litter boxes are frequently messy and unpleasant for our eyes, they are best suited for an isolated location within the home. These isolated places are hard to come by, especially if you reside in a small apartment or are a loving owner to multiple cats. This is the reason, why cat litter box Furniture might be a nice alternative. 

If you still use those old conventional litter boxes for your cat, then you are in for a treat. Here, in this article, we are providing you with a unique alternative for those old messy, distasteful-looking litter boxes. Cat litter box furniture is the new go-to trend that will resolve all your problems that come with those obnoxious-looking litter boxes.

Furniture like nightstands and entry benches seem like regular furniture but hide your cat’s litter box within. Put yourself in the position of having the freedom to place a litter pan anywhere you choose, without worrying about how conspicuously it would draw attention to itself. Choose one of the aesthetically pleasing and beautiful cat litter box furniture for your home by scrolling down.

Perfect Cat Litter Box Furniture With Pros and Cons

Let’s see some of the best cat-liter box furniture available in the matter right now.

  1. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Litter Loo


  • This litter box enclosure is spacious enough to house most self-cleaning boxes on the market.
  • What is even better is that it comes with a cable protector in the rear to hide any cords required for an electric litter box.
  • The composite wood and plastic used in its construction is non-toxic and will not absorb scents.
  • The litter box is made from a stain-resistant material. To keep this box clean, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth on a regular basis.
  • The sophisticated, contemporary style makes it stand out in your home.
  • A wide range of color selections is offered for the furniture.
  • Easy-to-use scooping with the great design of the furniture.
  • Additionally, it’s easy to construct and offers great value for the money.
  • Both large litter boxes and small litter boxes can easily fit within the furniture.


  • There have been a few complaints about components not fitting together correctly.
  1. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box


  • If you’re looking for something that blends in with any space in your home, this is a great option (except the bathroom, maybe).
  • The large-capacity litter box is enclosed within the clay pot, which is adorned with foliage and vegetation.
  • As an added bonus, the fake planter’s concealed litter box features an air filtration system to keep dust and odors at bay.
  • The furniture provides an enormous litter capacity in a spacious area.
  • For easy cleaning and maintenance, the top section may be removed.
  • At 42 inches high and 20 inches wide, this cat litter box is ideal for families with several cats and bigger animals.
  • If you have larger cats, this is a great option.
  • As an added bonus, the cat litter box furniture includes plants.


  • Because of the synthetic grass/greenery, some cats may try to eat it.

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  1. Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench


  • With this item, you may hide your cat litter box in an entryway, foyer, or even a bigger bathroom. 
  • The storage container does, in fact, resemble a “cottage chic” one, making it an eye-candy of the home.
  • There is too much room in the cat litter furniture for two litter boxes to fit. 
  • True to its appearance, the bench seems to be a piece of furniture, with the bench’s innards totally covered.
  • The cat litter box furniture is rather heavy and dependable that would last you years.
  • You have the option to choose the entryway for your furniture during the installation process of the furniture.
  • Extravagant wood grain wainscoting makes it an excellent option.


  • The price of the cat litter furniture is quite much.
  1. Unipaws Washroom Storage Bench


  • In addition to a comfortable seat for your cat, the bench’s top apron provides space for books or other decorative things.
  • These litter boxes are built from solid wood and MDF and include high-quality metal hinges. 
  • A door measuring 8.9 x 10.3 inches allows cats to enter the litter room (inches).
  • The magnetic-touch design makes it simple to close the furniture.
  • When you need to empty the litter box, just swing open the front doors.
  • Additional security is provided with magnet-touch front doors.
  • If you want additional inside space, just remove the detachable divider from the furniture.
  • The cat has plenty of room within the Roomy interior.


  • This may not be suitable for cats who are afraid of enclosed places.
  1. THE REFINED FELINE Refined Litter Box


  • The Refined Litter Box in the extra-large configuration is ideal for all kinds of jumbo, enormous, and automated litter boxes, so it’s fantastic for large cats!
  • You can hide a litter box in plain view in a dining room or living room with this stylish litter box furniture.
  • Take pleasure in the simple elegance of oak veneered furniture. 
  • While the outside is majestic and elegant, it nearly seems like a family heirloom that’s been passed down to you.
  • The maker also sells a slotted hardwood litter catch container. 
  • Carbon odor filters, which may be purchased separately, can be installed in the unit’s built-in rear ventilation holes.
  • One thing you’ll notice is a 4-inch deep top drawer, which is perfect for storing cat goodies and other things.
  • The furniture for the cat has hidden back ventilation, so your cat has cool air inside all the time.
  • To allow automated litter box cables, this cabinet includes “hidden” holes carved onto the back.


  • Extra features are available for purchase individually.
  • Bigger than a few of the other cat litter box furniture.
  1. MS Cat Litter Box


  • With its short legs and stadium form, this cat litter box is a nice way to hide the mess.
  • MS Cat Litter Boxes have built-in litter-spattering prevention in its construction. 
  • Your cat’s paws and fur will be rubbed clean when she enters and exits through the grated entry/exit.
  • The design of the cat litter furniture is unique, classy, and outstanding.
  • The furniture comes with a built-in litter box, so you don’t have to spend that extra money on litter trays.
  • The maintenance of the litter box is quite simple and easy.
  • The furniture is lightweight and therefore can be carried out to a different location easily if required.
  • It is space-saving furniture due to its integrated trash tracking avoidance.


  • Because of the 15-pound weight limit, this isn’t an option for cats with bigger breeds.

What is Cat Litter Box Furniture?

Before we go ahead and provide you with some great options for your own cat litter box furniture, let’s first learn a bit about what Cat litter box furniture really is.

A litter box, also known as a sandbox, cat box, litter tray, cat pan, or litter pan, is a container used by cats and other pets to deposit their excrement and urine inside. In the case of free-roaming pets who are not allowed outside, these facilities are necessary. 

Kittens who live indoors require a litter box. Additionally, they make it easier for the pet owner to clean up after their cat because they have designated areas for urination and defecation. Litter boxes serve more than just practical purposes; they’re also critical to a cat’s emotional health and well-being.

Litter box furniture, which can be constructed of wood, plastic, engineered wood, or laminate, covers your cat’s litter box and transform it into a decorative piece of furniture that enhances your home. Extra storage or a spacious top surface, which may be decorated or used as a seat, is available on some models. If you maintain your litter box clean, you won’t have to worry about odor, either, because most are moisture-resistant and vented.

Furniture for cat litter boxes is becoming more diverse, ranging from lightweight, easy-to-move enclosures to sturdy benches and credenzas. There are a wide variety of options available, and the good news is that most are durable and easy to clean, depending on your home and your cat’s litter box habits.

What is The Purpose of Cat Litter Box Furniture?

Cat litter box furniture provides you with the freedom of placing the cat litters anywhere in the home without the fear of ruining the aesthetics of the house and creating weird smells throughout the home. 

  • When the litter box is disguised, it may be placed practically anyplace. 
  • Your guest could never guess what’s inside cat litter box furniture, which looks like a stunning piece of furniture.
  • Furnishings for litter boxes actually aid in the reduction of litter box odor. 
  • The cat litter box furniture further reduces the risk of litter tracking. 
  • You can easily fit different types and sizes of cat litters within most cat litter box furniture.

How to Shop for Perfect Cat Litter Box Furniture?

We hope you loved the options that we provided above. If you are still confused about which of these suggestions is the best option for you, then refer to the pointers below to choose the perfect cat litter box furniture for your home.

  • Size: Determine how much space you have in the room. Consider the litter box measurements as well! A box that won’t fit in an enclosure is a waste of time and money.
  • Style: Where are you going to hide your litter box? For a discreet addition, keep the style of your present furniture in mind. We’ve got everything from contemporary to mid-century modern to polished on our list.
  • Price: Different versions might cost as much as $100 more or less, depending on the options you choose. Extra storage, sturdiness, or attractiveness are all worth different amounts of money. Decide how much each feature is worth to you before agreeing to a price.
  • Material: It’s important to use materials that are safe for cats and that are easy to clean and don’t absorb scents in the design. The quality of construction and sturdiness of any piece of furniture should also be taken into consideration when making a purchase.
  • Cleaning Access: It doesn’t matter how attractive a litter box unit is if you can’t clean it regularly. Focus on ease of use. With front-opening doors, the most convenient choice is available.
  • Position & Placement: Consider how easy it will be for your cat to enter the intended location after it has been put. These choices allow you to choose which side of the entry hole you wish to have. If you’re dealing with tight corners in your house, you may need a front-entry unit.

Conclusion: Cat Litter Box Furniture

When it comes to furniture, it’s easy to be hooked into the aesthetics. Choosing one of the Cat litter box furniture above will allow you to focus on what will satisfy the needs of both humans and cats.

We hope you liked the options we provided to you and are on your way to ordering the perfect cat litter box furniture for your perfect little home. 

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