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Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat

About Burmese Cat

British Shorthair is a British Domestic lineage having a distinctive body, dense coat, and broad. It is popularly found in the British Blue variant with orange eyes and a medium-sized tail.

The most distinguishing feature is their copper eyes. The cat hails originally from British farms and streets and is considered the first cat of the cat fancy. The Father “Harrison Wier” is famously known as “The father of Cat Fancy”.


  • The Burmese cat adores when their parents shower all their attention on them. They are mid-sized cats who weigh about 8-15 pounds. 
  • Their coats have a short length and vary in color starting from champagne, blue, platinum, lilac, red, fawn, cinnamon, and chocolate. Their fur is usually patternless. 
  • In addition to these, the cats need very low grooming when their coats are concerned. The length of the coat is very short and is not prone to allergic reactions most of the time. 
  • Their eyes have gold and yellow as the dominant color combination. They have a very low tendency to shed their fur and are very compact. However, when you pick them up, you’ll realize that they’re heavy. 
  • Furthermore, the cats have round heads and round eye tips. They have great strength and the overall look is evidence of this very characteristic of the cat. 
  • Their glossy coat makes their fur look dense, but also complements their sturdy muscles. It only gets darker with age. The kittens might have some patches on their coats initially, but they disappear when they grow. 
  • They have a deep brown coat, commonly, and are mid-sized cats. They’re active, curious, but also very careful at the same time.
Burmese Cat 4


It was during the 1930s when the cat whose name was Wong Mau was bred with the Siamese/Burmese cats. It was because of a quest of some breeders who wanted to know what was the original breed of this car called Wong Mau.

 Later, when this breed was mixed, that’s when the Burmese cat was originally formed.

Burmese Cat 5


  • The Burmese cats are very playful and active when they’re young. The small kittens love to explore every you that they get and would love to run around the house and play. 
  • Adult Burmese cats turn placid and like to claim a corner in the house. The corner is usually chosen beside the window that has a breathtaking view. This is because the cat loves to observe. 
  • Though they turn silent and placid while growing up, the cats love being cuddled with their parents. They love when their bellies are rubbed, and they would not let the family members miss the rubs.  
  •  Because of their attention-seeking personality, they will not bond with other cats very well. They are somewhat territorial when it comes to their families. They will not share them. However, there is one exception, these cats get along well with their kind. 
  • They love living in their own space, and they should be kept in the habit of exercise. They are born climbers and can jump from great heights. Furthermore, they are very adaptive to change. 
  • Not only that, but the cats love their daily playtime. Be it a kitten or an adult, they are very enthusiastic about their playtime.

Common Health Problems

Since the cat is a mixed breed, they can have varied health problems. Some may be genetic, and some health problems can be invited in by the cats themselves. 

Hence, the following diseases have been found common in Burmese cats

  • Lipemia, although it can heal on its own.
  • Corneal dermoid
  • Orofacial pain syndrome
  • Congenital peripheral vestibular disease 
  • Craniofacial abnormality
  • Hypokalemic cardiomyopathy
  • Obesity


Their diet should be High-quality food rich in protein and fiber. Avoid putting food in cans for this cat.

Coat Color and Grooming

Because of their short and smooth fur, their care becomes ten folds easier. They need weekly combing and brushing of hair, with rare bath sessions.

Brushing their teeth is vital to avoid periodontal diseases. Maintaining their daily dental hygiene is highly recommended. Keep their litter box clean because the cats are very serious about their bathroom hygiene.


The cat breed is prone to obesity and therefore needs to be kept in a habit of exercising daily. Because they’re naturally fond of jumping from heights, some playset giving them scope to jump could be arranged.