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Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat

About Abyssinian Cat

It is often difficult to comprehend that cats can be people-pleasers too. Yes, that’s right! The Abyssinian cats are the jokers of the cat family. They love to perform unusual acrobatic stunts to please you. 


From leaping onto your shelves and jumping from the top of the bedroom cupboards, they’re up for it all. Abyssinian Cats are very curious by nature. They love to explore and carry a great sense of humor. 


These cats have a playful nature and are wild. Having them around is never dull.


  • The Abyssinian cats are very energetic. They will do everything Except sit in one place and take naps. 
  • They love running around and exploring the house. They always keep them busy. 
  • Furthermore, they are very athletic and curious. Hence constant running, jumping, and exploring is very common for them.
  • These cats usually jump into the highest place of your house because that’s how they prefer their viewpoint from.
  • Likewise, they have curious eyes and a swift body. Furthermore, they carry one of the most attentive pairs of ears. 
  • Some cats have a black patch on their heads and sleek legs. They are very good at tip-toeing around the house at times.
  • They are very loyal cats and love to bird-watch. Not only that, but they also love to perch upon your desks as you work.
Abyssinian cat 4

Average Weight

A British Shorthair cat normally has a height of 12-14” (30-46cm) and a body length of 22-25” (56-64 cm). Owing to this height and body length, it weighs between 7-17 lb (3.2-7.7kg). The weight increases with skeleton and muscle development.

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  • This cat, in particular, is the extroverted breed that loves to interact. They are somewhat social in nature.
  • They would love to be the center of attention in group gatherings. In fact, they manage to be so by pulling off some funny and acrobatic skills. 
  • The little furballs love to please their owners. They would rather have all their attention, or else they will be depressed. 
  • Furthermore, the Abyssinian cats are brilliant. They can walk on a leash and can learn very fast. 
  • They are high-spirited. 
  • When you choose to pet an Abyssinian cat, make sure not to rub any other animal because they are never up for it. As authoritative as they can be, having any company would annoy them all the time.

Common Health Problems

While these playful cats live longer for up to 15 years, it is very possible for them to fall sick. They might suffer from some of the other diseases. 


Some of the most common diseases that the Abyssinian cats suffer from are,


  • Gingivitis
  • A disease called Pyruvate Kinase Anemia, in which the cats become anemic. 
  • Dislocation of kneecaps is also called patellar luxation. This disease is primarily hereditary. 
  • An eye regeneration disease is called progressive retinal atrophy.
Abyssinian Cat 6


Cats are primarily carnivorous. Hence, it is essential to feed them something that has fresh meat or any essence of it. They need high-quality protein mixed with a good amount of carbohydrates. 


These cats tend not to drink enough water. Hence, it is essential to give them wet food that will keep them hydrated. 

Coat Color and Grooming

The Abyssinian cats look mostly like cougars. Just like the cougars have a ticked coat, these cats have the same kind of coat too. 


Each strand of their fur has alternate colors. If one strand is white, the other might be fawn colored. The most exciting part is that the coat near the root is much lighter in color. As the shaft of the fur starts to grow, they turn darker. 


The color of their coat differs from lilac to fawn to brown and chocolate. When the cats are born, their coats are darker. 


The most relieving part about these cats is that they are in poor maintenance. They do not need much grooming. Just a little fur brush and bathing cover it all.


These cats generally do not need any professional training and exercise, but it is imperative to keep them engaged. If they are not being engaged in some sort of activity, they tend to turn depressed. But because they are so intelligent, owners have trained them to run agility courses.

They often love playing with their family members, and that is enough. They are usually active all day, so there is not much need to take them exercising.